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  Jul 16, 2018
Management Services

Discovered Homes Investment, Inc is guided by core principles established by the President of the company that emphasize: integrity, excellence, commitment, and enthusiasm in all that we do.  Everything we do is based on our commitment to improve the lives of our Landlords, Investors, Tenants, Employees and Independent contractors.  We want everyone to embrace these values with us.  At Discovered Homes Investment, Inc we will never sacrifice integrity for growth.

You have just taken a step towards making your home investment’s dream a reality. Most people’s wish about their investment, dreams and talk about their but never take the first step.  NOTHING GREAT WAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT A FIRST STEP.  Rental investments are easier when you have someone to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Why Discovered Homes Investment, Inc?

 We simplify ownership of residential homes by assisting in the following:

  • Providing objective advice
  • Removing the hassle of owning rental property.
  • Saving the time and money
  • Gaining peace of mind knowing everything is being done right.

Commit yourself to these initial goals, and you will position yourself for incredible financial rewards while learning the fundamental principles that will propel your business to ever greater heights.

Our management services include the following:

 a Screening of prospective tenants
 a Financial Services
 a Maintenance Services
 a Tenant Transition
 a Leasing services
 a Leasing Fee
 a Property
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